Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Apparently this is more important than sleeping.


  1. hi There!!
    Just found your blog on the AIB jumble. I saw you were following me a while ago and i was meant to write you you sooner to say thanks, but then when i went to write your picture from my followers list had gone!! (i remember you clearly coz i liked your cute avatar!)
    Anyways, sorry if you unfollowed me coz i didn't get in touch.
    Just wanted to say thanks and also you have some great artwork on here. Your life drawings are very strong!)
    Hope you are enjoying your time at the AIB! (sorry, i'm old skool and dont use its new name) hee hee!!
    Merry Chritmas and keep up the great work!!
    Best wishes,

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by. :) The unfollowing was almost certainly accidental - I tend to forget which blogs I'm following so I probably removed yours when I thought I was adding it!

    Hope your Christmas was good,

    Catherine :)